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A Familiáris Hipertónia egy hónapja eseményekben és képekben, a SZÍVSN aktív részvételével. Jambrik Gergely és Gesztes Ákos elnökségi tagjaink, maguk is érintettek képviselték a SZÍVSN-t a nemzetközi élvonalban.

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JOne person in every 250-300 people has FH,
but 9 in 10 people don’t know they have it.
 Week 2 – FH in Detail many perceive FH as a ‘rare’ disease, it’s opposite of what one might think. Globally, 1 in every 250-300 individuals has FH, marking it as the most prevalent inherited hyperlipidemia. ? Shockingly, about 90% of those with FH are unaware of their condition. Raising awareness is crucial. Knowledge can lead to timely diagnosis and better outcomes. ? Learn more here:
#PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023
Many see FH as ‘rare’, yet 1 in 250-300 globally have it—making it the most common inherited hyperlipidemia. ? The twist? 90% don’t know they have it. ? Learn more: #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023Ever heard of FH? ? It’s often tagged as ‘rare’, but globally, 1 out of 250-300 individuals has it, cementing its spot as a top inherited hyperlipidemia. ? What’s truly rare? The fact that 90% are in the dark about their condition. ? Let’s spread the word and light the way to awareness. Dive deeper with the link in our highlights! ? #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023
LEvery minute somewhere in the world a baby with FH is born. detection of familial hypercholesterolemia in children and adolescents is crucial. ? Optimal treatment at these ages can significantly extend their lives by adding healthy decades. ❤️ Understanding and acting early can make all the difference. Dive deeper into the importance of early diagnosis and treatment here:
#PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023
Detecting and treating familial hypercholesterolemia in kids and teens adds decades to their lives. ?❤️ Act early, make a difference. Learn more: #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023Early detection of familial hypercholesterolemia in our young ones can be a life-changer. ? By choosing optimal treatments, we can gift them decades more of healthy life. ❤️ Discover the importance of early diagnosis in our highlights. ? #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023
N1Undetected and unmanaged FH leads to early atherosclerosis, heart attacks, even premature death. simple blood test ?, combined with your family’s heart history ❤️?‍?‍?‍?, can help detect if you have FH. If you or a family member have concerns about familial hypercholesterolaemia, it’s essential to consult your doctor ?. For more insights, watch our informative YouTube videos ?. The FH Europe Foundation proudly supports and advocates for the Prague Declaration, emphasizing the importance of early childhood screening for FH across Europe ?. Dive deeper into the topic and understand its significance:
#PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023   
Concerned about familial hypercholesterolaemia? A blood test + family heart history can provide clarity. ?❤️ We stand with the Prague Declaration, advocating early FH screenings in Europe. Learn more: #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023Detecting FH can be as straightforward as a blood test combined with your family’s heart history. ? If FH concerns resonate within your family, reach out to your doctor and seek guidance. We’re proud advocates of the Prague Declaration, championing early childhood FH screenings throughout Europe. ❤️ Discover more in our highlights and stay informed. ? #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023
SFH runs in families.
If you have FH, your parents, siblings, and children should be tested as there is a 50% each could have it. Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) is a hereditary condition that threads through family lines ??‍?‍?‍?. If you’re diagnosed with FH, each of your close ones – parents, siblings, and children – has a 50% chance of inheriting this trait ❤️⚠️. Given this, when one person is identified with FH, all family members should ideally be screened ??. Dive into its significance and the need for timely detection with our informative video:
#PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023
Inherited FH ? means a 50% chance for parents, siblings, and children to also have it ?‍?‍?‍?. Early screening can make all the difference ❤️?. Understand more: #PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023FH binds families in unexpected ways ?❤️. With a diagnosis, the potential ripple through your loved ones is vast, making family screenings indispensable ??. Dive deep and understand this connection in our highlights ?.
#PeopleLikeUs #FindFH #HoFH #HeFH #FHAware2023

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