SZÍVSN is a patient association with a mission to promote primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and advocacy for patients with heart disease, and in 2023 it established a coordinator network with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, Semmelweis University City Hospital. Our patient association was founded 13 years ago, 13 years of values are being implemented within the framework of the national coordinator network in 7 different locations across the country. Graduate nurses and hospital nurses invite patients to join our organisation, which currently has 2000 members who are familiar with the 4 pillars of the SIVSN. I. Prevention and patient education. Main topics: the development and treatment of heart attacks (16 000 people affected/year), the importance and state of cardiac rehabilitation today, the treatment of arrhythmias (250 000 people affected), the use of pacemakers and life-threatening arrhythmia devices (40 000 people affected), the development of heart failure and treatment options (200 000 people concerned), lifestyle change as a gain, changing dietary habits, access to screening, and the balance between mental and physical health. Coordinator presentations were given at the congresses of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology in Budapest, Pécs, Szeged and Budapest. In Bratislava, we summarised the uniqueness of patient pathways together with the leaders of international patient organisations on heart failure.

II. organising, managing, summarising and evaluating cardiovascular screening and making presentations from the databases for professional and lay conferences and international meetings. This year 1814 screenings were carried out in Budapest, Szolnok, Dunaújváros, Gyula, Miskolc, Szeged and Pécs. In addition to risk factor measurements, we monitored arrhythmias with electrocardiograms and taught the signs of heart failure. The results of the screenings were given to the patients after the evaluation SIVSN presentation. This is how cardiological screening of people without complaints was carried out in the centres under the guidance of our NGO. III. We have succeeded in expanding the lending network and have lent home INR meters and WIWE devices to patients in need. IV. we organized a 3-day training camp for 45 affected patients and family members in Lakitelk on 23.10.2023.10.2023.Here, excellent lectures and interactive discussions raised the quality of the camp. V. We have signed a contract with the Ferencváros Cultural Centre and our members exercise twice a week under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Our mission is to reduce vulnerability due to lack of information and to develop appropriate cooperation for patients, family members and interested parties. We have undertaken to take over the task of educating patients and creating a need for a conscious lifestyle, relieving the burden on our overburdened cardiologists who remain in Hungary.



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