C.I.D. 2024 Szeged – report

C.I.D. 2024 Szeged – report

On April 12, 2024, the Cardiomyopathy Information Day for patients and interested parties was held in Szeged. This event specifically for patients is supported by the European Reference Network Guard -Heart and the Szent-Györgyi Albert Clinical Center of the University of Szeged at XXXI. It was realized as an accompanying event of the Youth Cardiology Days.

Professor Róbert Sepp’s presentation started with the presentation of the development of heart diseases and their treatment options in Hungary. It was said:
What makes a rare disease rare? from Dr. Hedvig Takács
What do I need to know if I am newly diagnosed with HCM? from dr.Viktória Nagy,
About the harmful use of the Internet, from dr. János Borbás
Why me? Just me? Why my family? From Zita Barabás
SZÍVSN …. Everyday life of a patient organization from 2011 presented by Zsuzsa Bernáth-Lukács.

The patients who attended were able to return home with a lot of interesting, new information, including the introduction of a new active ingredient in Hungary, which is accompanied by the strong support of the patient association.

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