Focus on prevention: cardiology screening day held in Szeged

Focus on prevention: cardiology screening day held in Szeged

The SZÍVSN National Patient Association and the SZTE Cardiology Centre are inviting the public to four cardiology screening days this year. On 23 March, almost 60 patients were screened and all of them returned home with personalised advice and a medical opinion.

With 4 million people dying from cardiovascular disease in Europe every year, accounting for half of all deaths, early detection is one of the most important tasks. In our country, compulsory screening is not yet widespread, even though 80 per cent of these diseases are preventable, so every opportunity should be taken to ensure that the population has access to this focused screening.

Dr. Tamás Szili-Török, Head of the Centre of Cardiology at the University of Szeged, stressed that he would like to implement a new approach at the Clinic, that heart patients should be treated as a whole, that it is necessary to focus on detection and that the whole spectrum of treatment should be implemented. With the support of the Cardiology Centre and the local coordinator of the SZIVSN National Patient Association, this year he is inviting patients concerned about their health to a risk factor screening day four times a year, as a campaign. The popularity of the event is reflected in the fact that all places for the next Health Day are already full.

The study included a 12-lead ECG, BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol measurements. This was supplemented by a family history and patients were given a risk assessment of their exposure to cardiovascular disease.
This year’s first preventive day was held on 23 March, said the organiser, Ildikó Irsai Farkas. After pre-registration, nearly 60 patients, mostly women, showed up, with an average age of 45-60 years. The results showed that 30 percent of the patients had high cholesterol levels, and 15 percent had blood sugar levels above the limit. A quarter of participants had blood pressure over 150 mm Hg and 23 percent were overweight. These figures mirror last year’s results. Patients attending previous screenings also had similar results, with women being the most sensitive about their health and risk factors being present in similar proportions among those attending screening. At the end of the screening, all registrants left the Szeged clinic with individualised advice from a qualified nurse and a specialist opinion.

The SZIVSN a National Association of Heart Failure Patients focuses not only on prevention, but also on reducing the feeling of vulnerability due to lack of information for patients already diagnosed with heart failure or who have had a heart attack. Registered members and their families can attend interactive online presentations on a weekly basis with the help of local coordinators.
Anikó Pálvölgyi (health administrative worker), Éva Széllné Bach, Edina Szentiné Bella, Ágota Pál, Mária Márkné Egervári (health care worker), Ágnes Dongó Dr. (cardiologist) and Ildikó Irsai Farkas (nurse practitioner, programme organiser, Szeged coordinator of the SZÍVSN National Patient Association) helped to organise the event.


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