Join the Million Steps for Life – The Way of the Heart challenge!

Join the Million Steps for Life – The Way of the Heart challenge!

SzíVSN is now a team member of the initiative, which means that from September 26 we will collect steps for the health of our hearts together.

The 2022 Million steps for life 2.0 – The Path of the Heart challenge is a health campaign with a social purpose, in which we learn about the functioning of the cardiovascular system, the prevention of its diseases, and the history of heart transplantation, while moving for 10 weeks will make us fitter and healthier. The free program of the Hungarian Organ Transplant Association is supported by the Hungarian Cardiologists and the Hungarian Hypertension Society.

What should I do?

For the 10-week challenge starting on September 26, 2022, all you have to do is download the Million Step 2.0 smartphone application and then just move. The phone or the smart device connected to it automatically measures the steps taken, but it is also possible to record more than 60 forms of movement directly.

The challenge can be completed individually or in teams of 5 people. With the help of the application, we can follow our virtual journey on a map. During the 10-week challenge, the entire Hungarian Blue Tour route will be covered.

Course of the competition

The 10-week program consists of 10 stages. And a stage lasts exactly one week, from Monday to Sunday. Each section will have a challenging “face” and each week you can learn about an important area related to the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Every day a Did you know? we send a message to the program participants for a longer and healthier life.

The warm-up is currently underway, on 09.25 at midnight everyone’s counter will be set to zero and the competition will begin!


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