Vote for SZÍVSN – call for applications

Vote for SZÍVSN – call for applications

Dear SIVSN coordinators and SIVSN members!

Thank you very much for this year.
Thank you for the tremendous work, perseverance, enthusiasm and energy you have given me and inspired me with, showing me how much potential is still ahead of us!
This year has been characterised by 50 interactive presentations, exciting discussions and a strong sense of togetherness. Our coordinators carried out cardiovascular screenings of 1814 people, registering arrhythmias and teaching them the signs of heart failure. More than 500 people joined our patient association in 2023, I know of no other association with so many members.
The wonderful days we spent together in Lakitelke show that we are among the 10 strongest patient associations in our country for a reason.

Let’s close this successful year with another award!
Vote for the success of SIVSN 2023 and our work together!
You need to register at https://egeszsegertes.hu/, then log in and
and click on the Public Vote green section. you can read our application here.
We have 30 votes now, I would like to have hundreds more.
Let’s start the voting, each family member can cast 1 vote.https://egeszsegertes.hu/palyazat/egyedulallo-koordinatori-halozat-segiti-a-sziv-es-errendszeri-betegeket/


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