You can now see your previously filled prescriptions in HealthBlank

You can now see your previously filled prescriptions in HealthBlank

Today, everyone can have all their medical documents in their pocket.

Thanks to a new feature, prescriptions that have been filled in the past can now also be viewed in the ever-expanding HealthAblak mobile application, the Parliamentary Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Interior told MTI.

Bence Rétvári said: in the Prescriptions menu, in addition to active prescriptions, users can also access prescriptions prescribed and dispensed in recent years, making it easy for them to check exactly what medicines they have taken for their previous illness, with what active ingredient and in what dosage. This way, if a health problem arises, they can easily and quickly retrieve the medication they have taken in the past and provide their doctor with more accurate data to help determine the treatment.

It is a practical feature that will also help healthcare workers,” said the State Secretary.

He said that so far, the app has five functions: e-prescriptions, e-prescriptions, GP records, digital vaccination cards and HealthOnal, which is available 24/7.

Bence Rétvári also said that the app has been downloaded by nearly 2 million 453 thousand people. The popularity of EgészségAblak is also shown by the fact that more than 552,000 prescriptions have been used through the app since its launch and 1.5 million health documents have been downloaded in the last 30 days alone. Today, everyone has the option to have all their health documents in their pocket, so they can access them at any time,” he added.

From September, HealthBlank became a family-friendly mobile app, which means that documents for family members such as children and elderly parents can now be accessed by proxy. This also makes it easier for parents to buy their children’s medicines or to access their child’s medical records,” the state secretary reminded.


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